Glow Pets

Now Selling Glow Pet Portraits!


Low Contrast White Pet


 High Contrast High Color

Thanks to Art G. for the stock photo!


Converting a blurry photo into fractalized motion!

Glow pets!

Horses are beautiful no matter the medium!

Thanks to Wikipedia for the stock image!

Oz Fractal Small

High Contrast animal with dark points (ears, nose, tail, feet)

Bunnies are beautiful in glow!

Fluffy Bunnies!

Thanks to Jannes Pockele for the stock photo!

And finally….

Made of rainbows!

Did you know American Eskimos were made out of rainbows?

Thanks to Wikipedia for the stock image!

In order to support my blog, I am going to be selling some of my artwork!


In every photograph, there is a hidden light layer called the “fractal” layer.  Through Photoshop, you can extract that light layer and make interesting and awesome colorful portraits with it.  I have often done fractal work for my own funsies, but now I am opening the offer to my readers!

I will do your glowing pet portraits to your specifications (I have given a few examples above with what can be done with light, but my cats are mostly white, so they’re not always as startling).  They take a bit of time to do, so I will keep posting examples and portraits as I make them!

The portrait will by resolution, and if you send me a large enough photo, big enough to set as your wallpaper.  All I need is a photo of your pet with good lighting and good resolution.  Any background is alright, so long as your pet is largely featured in the frame.

I will charge $5.00 a portrait.

Depending on how many I am doing at any given time, the turnaround should be within a day or two.  I will send all portraits to you digitally via email.

How to Order:

STEP 1: Purchase a portrait – PayPal and all major credit cards accepted! Click on “single” or “Multiple”, depending on your needs.

STEP 2: Email me at with a large photo of good resolution and bright lighting.  Include your preferred return email address and your receipt confirmation number in your email. I will respond with a confirmation that I have gotten your photo within 24 hours.

STEP 3: Enjoy!

I will be adding digital drawings of your pet at a later date, but they take a bit longer, so I need some time to paint some portraits!

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