Fuzzy.love: Branded short links for pet websites

Branded short links – Yay or Nay?

Branded short links for pet websites

Ladies and gentleman, fellow pet lovers, pet bloggers, and pet websites:

A short time ago, I purchased the domain name of Fuzzy.love to start using my own branded short links through a pet-friendly domain name (fuzzylove sounded so much sweeter than Bitly). So my tweets, facebook posts/shares will all contain my page posts shortened to fuzzy.love/PostName.

After setting it up, I thought other people might be interested in doing link-sharing under a pet-branded link shortener rather than using the generic brand of Bitly or Owly. I would have to set up a big server to handle increased traffic, and that would cost more, so it would have to be a small-charge service. I don’t want to do this unless there are interested parties, so I toss the question out to everyone — is anyone interested in this? If so, what would you deem an appropriate amount to use a pet-branded short link service?

The program I have running will also integrate with your WordPress website so that your site automatically generates the branded short links for you without having to manually add them to the link shortener (unlike Bitly).

It also has built-in analytics that allow you to track every click that is made on a certain link, and includes pre-made toolbars that allows you to auto-create branded short links of your choosing on any webpage you visit and automatically share it through Twitter or Facebook.

Here’s a screenshot of the WordPress integration (it has its own plugin):


And here is a snapshot of the stats tool:



Would you be interested in having your own pet-friendly branded shortlinks?

Would you be interested in fuzzy.love branded short links?

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What price would be reasonable on a month-to-month basis?  Leave your suggestion in the comments!

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25 Comments on "Fuzzy.love: Branded short links for pet websites"

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The Island Cats

Interesging! This would be a great way to build on your brand.


Will it work with Blogger?

Robbi Hess

Very interesting. I know I would prefer to see something branded than a generic bit.ly specially in the age of spam and restricted websites

Cathy Armato

Definitely an interesting tool, especially the auto generated link aspect. I don’t use WordPress thogh so that feature wouldn’t apply to me. I use bitly currently.
Love & biscuits,
Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


Great Idea, would love it but can’t afford it at this point.


My only concern with tools like this is that it tends to add a redirect which uses system resources. the analytics are nice to have though.

Tenacious Little Terrier

I haven’t really thought about it but I’d be interested depending on the price and whatnot.

Three Chatty Cats

Sounds like an interesting idea. I’m not really good at pricing, though, so I can’t help there. Something $10 or less a month?

The Daily Pip

I am on blogger so not sure this work or not. It sounds great, but at this point I couldn’t take on a monthly charge


Aw, that’s cool and cute too!


This is a pretty interesting idea.

Spencer the

Interesting! I love how it has the built in analytics! 🙂


Very interesting. I’m still new to bitly, so I’m very interested in seeing how this would work.


That is a really cool idea! I would love to have my own branded short-links, but it would have to make sense for my budget too. The plugin would have to be pretty efficient too because I already have quite a few plugins going.




I don’t currently use shortened urls. This was really interesting to hear about though! Thanks for sharing 🙂