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Erin Clifford Bunny

Disclosure: I am not a bunny.


I am a 36-year-old certified veterinary technician living with my life partner Joe,  my son, four cats, and one poor outnumbered dog.  I have been in the veterinary business since 2001, having attended Colorado State University, Bel-Rea Institute of Veterinary Technology, and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. I worked at a couple of vet clinics, including an orthopedic surgeon, before I settled in at an animal poison control center in 2012. Since starting there, I have published toxicology briefs and continuing education articles on toxicology through the NAVTA journal and the VSPN network.


Aiden and TerabyteTerabyte hides from the cats by getting tummy rubs from the loudest member of the household!

In 2015, my panic disorder started to crop up again.  I went from a fully functional human being to someone who has trouble leaving the house, trouble eating, and trouble sleeping.  I was unable to get to focus at work,  and I was forced to resign my position. I miss working in a place where I felt like I was impacting so many animal lives.


Sammich and kissesSammich resents your attempt to bestow kisses.

Now I am focusing my energies on getting better.  Every day is still a struggle at this point, but I still have a great deal of interest in my field.  I answer questions through JustAnswer, and I have started this blog to collect my thoughts and my knowledge in one location.  I hope to still help people and their pets.


Oz at workOz is 11, and after he poops in his box, he sits in it so it gets stuck to his tail.


If you have any questions for me, or would like to contact me directly, you can send me an email, and I will get back with you as soon as I can.  I love specific questions or requests, and would be happy to cover something you want to know!


Pixel and EggrollPixel (right) and Eggroll (left) hate the camera, and they hate cuddles.  This is a rare moment.

All artwork on the website is done by me.  Please do not download, reuse, link to, or alter any of it without permission!

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